Jeremy wanted to be sure his kids were really interacting with other kids on the Internet. However it's easy for anyone can post a photo of anyone else, and live video chat is risky, intimidating and difficult. It occured to Jeremy that the concept of performing requested challenges in real time that can later be viewed by others would allow the true visual identity of account owners to be seen.


It's all about unpredictable gesture challenges. The peer-to-peer version demonstrated by Gestya, lets people view and review gesture challenges clips. Any suspicious clips can be reported to alert others to manipulated clips or fake or stolen identities. Another version of this technology is the automated version, where facial and gesture recognition can provide secure passwordless access for devices such as computers and smartphones.


Jeremy developed one of the worlds first smart internet cameras, and distributed over 10,000 units in Australia and Singapore.

Co-founder and CEO of, New Zealand’s leading way to find tradespeople online.

Author of several patents in navigation, internet & security.

Masters and Bachelors (hons) degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Canterbury, NZ.

Jeremy Wyn-Harris